Privacy — today’s major concern!

Since the time we’ve begun to incline towards digitalization, we’ve been more worried about our privacy. After the changes in Whatsapp’s privacy policy this month, almost everyone who uses applications is frightened of their data leakage or misuse of it. But what’s privacy and why is it important for us to protect? Privacy is the ability to regulate who can access information about our private life and our activities. Privacy protection is vital because it gives us the authority of deciding whether or to not share our data publicly. It protects our physical safety also. Privacy helps protect us as individuals, and our businesses, against entities we rely on or that, are more powerful than us. Moreover, privacy is tied to Freedom which must be protected!


Let me ask you a question first, do you want to struggle like those people within the 70s? I assume that the answer is NO. You don’t need to stop using applications and enter the rear of your time. All you need to do is to switch to those apps that will protect your privacy. These apps will offer you all those benefits you’ve been using from those free apps that cost you your important data.

Signal — Signal Private Messenger by Open Whisper Systems is a messaging service with a robust specialises in privacy. With an open-source code and end-to-end encryption for all messages, it has become a favourite with privacy enthusiasts. Being open-source means anyone can verify its security by auditing the code.

Bizconnect — BizConnect is the business card reader application with in-built CRM. It has 100% accuracy and performs various tasks within seconds. This application is mostly used by people who want to manage and increase their sales. BizConnect is end-to-end encrypted and it does not share your precious data with the third party. Moreover, if you or your colleague leaves the corporate, he loses all the information that can hinder the company’s privacy

Hushed — Hushed enables you to create burner (temporary) phone numbers so your real one will remain hidden. It’s perfect for when you’re posting a billboard on Craigslist or filling out a webform. It also can be handy for creating alternate caller IDs, managing multiple lines for personal and business use, and eliminating the necessity to hold a second phone.

ProtonMail — ProtonMail is a far more secure alternative to Gmail and its peers. It had been engineered by scientists at CERN and remains open-source so that its code can be audited whenever needed. The app enables you to send password-protected emails and messages that self-destruct after a certain timeframe. Since all messages are encrypted, even the corporate cannot figure out the content of your communications.

Find My Device — Find My Device is a proprietary app from Google and works in a similar vein to seek out My iPhone. It helps by locating your Android device when lost, or disabling it if you think that it has been stolen. You can set it up to view location information, as well as play a sound in case it’s within earshot. If the phone is lost, you can use the app to leave a callback number on the screen. So if an honest samaritan comes across it, they’ll have no trouble returning it to you.

Other than these apps, it’s also recommended that you simply follow prudent security principles. These include strong alphanumeric passwords, disabling lock screen notifications, and trying to limit individual app permissions. Privacy is something you’ll have to constantly strive for. Use these apps to extend your productivity and secure your data at an equivalent time.



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